Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Lesson Part III

Thanks for sticking with us through this three part riff-stravaganza!
The only thing left to do now is figure out how Walt is holding that cup A: with no fingers and B: with no handle. Discuss.


  1. did she make two snapping sounds because she snapped with two fingers instead of just one?
    maybe whenever she wants to belittle Walt, she does it by rubbing in his lack of fingers

  2. "I'll ask her to take them off..."

  3. If Walt would simply rotate his hand so the cup turned about 30 degrees counter clockwise, you'd not only see the fingers, but the handle as well. (Or at least those parts of the handle which is not obscured by the fingers).

    But Walt is not going to perform this trick for you. That's why they call him "Old Hidden Fingers Walt".

    Really, his friends have called him that for years.

  4. you guys are obsessed with the punchline, "I want a divorce."

    it is a great punchline, though.